Ian Cattell is a software developer who wanted a change from staring blankly at a computer screen all day. So he decided to write a novel.

Yeah, I know…

Over the next six months he learned that there are many advantages to writing a book compared to writing software; the main one being that he doesn’t have to re-write it whenever Microsoft decides it’s ‘time’.



The Long Lost Future is his debut novel. It’s a semi-dystopian satirical sci-fi time-travel adventure romance, if you can imagine such a thing. He’s working on the soon-to-be long-awaited sequel now – or would be if he could get off facebook.


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He leaned over to blow out the candle. The candle didn’t mind. In fact, it enjoyed a quick smoke.

The Long Lost Future is out now.

I’m currently writing the pre/sequel (that’s the beauty of time travel stories).

Watch this space-time …


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