I’ll be uploading the finished ABC AudioBook Creator here shortly. There is a free beta test version available already, but it isn’t ‘signed’ yet. This means Windows will go into a paranoid spiral of warning messages about the ‘potentially unwanted software’ wanting to make changes to your system and all sorts of other rubbish. There is no danger. Windows needs to take a chill pill. Scan the file with your antivirus software if you like. It’s perfectly safe.

Once I’ve finished adding the finishing touches to the program, I will pay the prerequisite £75 per annum to the digital middlemen who will provide me with a certificate I can wave at Microsoft to make all the warnings magically go away. I will pay this fee willingly, with a smile on my face, and no part of my mind will be thinking ‘Hang on. Is it just me, or does this seem a teensy weensy bit… protection rackety?’

If you want to try out the beta test version for free (Windows 7 or above), click here ABCSetup.exe

Here’s a short video of ABC AudioBook Creator in action.