New edition released

The new edition is out. After a nine month long dispute with my old publisher I have regained the rights to the text and self published a new edition. The ebook now contains the embedded fonts and text effects that the first edition lacked, and the five spelling mistakes that got past their proofreader have … Continued

Audiobook news

A few people have now asked me to record an audiobook version of The Long Lost Future, which has been a bit of shock to me because Wolverhamptoneze is not generally considered to be a particularly pleasing accent. There’s no accounting for taste. I thought about it for a while and decided I needed a … Continued

Right then. How does this work?

So… My new website is just about up and running, thanks to Elinor Gilbert – who cloned my old one for me and helped me wrestle it away from 1&1 (who charge too much, amongst other things). It’s been telephonic. My ears may never recover from the ‘on-hold’ music. This is my first venture into … Continued