A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away from any references to Star Wars…

Stranded in the deep past, Randall James is nearly out of toothpaste. And getting some more is going to be a problem because the shops won’t be open for another six billion years. The coffee has already run out. Is his sanity going to follow it?

His counterpart at the other end of time doesn’t need toothpaste; his nanobots clean his teeth for him. But just because his breath is nice and fresh doesn’t mean he hasn’t got troubles of his own.

Can the various versions of Randall save the galaxy… again?



“A truly engaging follow up book. Highly recommend.”

“Brilliant book and I can’t wait for Ian’s next book.”

“Top notch reading and top notch writing.”

“The Impossible Past is such a good read – witty and amusing, with a complex, clever storyline. If you’re a fan of sci-fi or fantasy, or just want a book that will make you laugh, I highly recommend it.”

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